Internet Librarian 2006 – Day 1: Open up the Network

After teaching the Ajax workshop with Karen Coombs, I guess I should have been tired, but I wasn’t. Someting about being around all kinds of people with novel ideas… Props to one of our workshop attendees, Josh Kline, who made me rethink how my library might use ContentDM and JPEG2000 to display our large maps and architectural drawings. Met up with Karen and Michael Sauers (Travelin’ Librarian) for a bite to eat. More good conversation. Took a stroll along the Monterey pedestrian path, talked about book publishing, library tech skills and all matter of things.

All of this reminds me that chance meetings and frank conversations can easily be the best part of the conference. When you have an opportunity, strike up a conversation and learn about your colleague’s work. Open up the network and see where it takes you.


2 Comments on “Internet Librarian 2006 – Day 1: Open up the Network”

  1. HankBank says:

    Josh Kline
    Linux Systems Administrator / Web Applications Developer for Linux
    Honnold/Mudd Library

  2. Thanks for your diligence, Hank. Gotta’ get my facts straight.

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