Librarian Day in the Life, Day 1 (round 4)

I decided this morning to participate in the “Librarian Day in the Life” project organized by Bobbi Newman. I like the idea of making my job more visible. I’m also hoping to learn about my typical week by capturing it in writing. I’ll primarily be tweeting the events at the hashtag #libday4 from my twitter account at At the end of each day, I’ll present a digest of my tweets as a blog post with commentary if necessary. Here’s day 1:

Alright, I’m calling it. #libday4 day 1 is over. Tomorrow is my meeting day. Like to get that over early in the week.
less than 20 seconds ago from web
After baby hiatus… Drafting revision to tenure documentation. Auditing digitization opps with Range Science and MSU Herbarium. #libday4
13 minutes ago from web
Working on annual strategic initiatives for team. Prepping for team meeting tomorrow where we discuss possible initiatives. #libday4
about 7 hours ago from web
Rewriting some PHP and HTML code for web form/DB integration. Importing sample data into said DB. #libday4
about 8 hours ago from web
Writing about possible learning outcomes for ACRL webinar; Finalizing plans for #cil2010; Answering work emails. #libday4
about 10 hours ago from web
Working on geolocation javascript for project. Debugging w/help of Tweeps & FB. Release code sample and explain in blog post later. #libday4
about 11 hours ago from web
Help me test javascript geolocation function @ . 1. Working accurately? 2. What browser? #libday4
about 12 hours ago from web
Mmm coffee… checking twitter, Google Reader for development, digitization, library stuff. My morning routine as human aggregator. #libday4
about 12 hours ago from web
@BillDrew4 My apologies for bumping you from #libday4 editing. I hit the wrong button.
about 13 hours ago from web
Down with the #libday4 mix.
about 13 hours ago from web

This day is a unique in that Monday is my “work off-site” day. As faculty, we have some freedom in how/when we get things done. As long as we are producing results, we have some latitude. It’s nice to work in a place that inherently trusts you. Monday is typically a research day, but this one turned into a social networking, coding, and documentation kind of day. Tuesday is my “day of meetings” as I like to get the face to face done early in the week and set up my projects. Expect some reporting on comings and goings tomorrow.


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