API and YouTube API Code Samples – Library Mashups

My chapter “ and Digital Video Collections in the Library” for the recently released Library Mashups edited by Nicole Engard was in need of some code samples. I wanted to show how to use the APIs I kept mentioning in the writing which focused on the digital library mashup of TERRApod. So… here they are in their basic, rudimentary glory.

The complete code is available for download from my code archive. Think of these examples as the raw materials for building mashups with the API and YouTube API. The example relies on PHP 5, but I made the YouTube PHP4 compatible and you could adapt the code from there for the API. I also included some CURL code in the comments of the files just in case your host requires it. If you have questions or improvements, drop a comment.

A quick word about the book: If you are at all interested in mashups and web services, take a closer look. The book covers one profession’s (the librarian) application of web services to library data problems. Contributions from industry leader’s like John Blyberg, Ross Singer and Karen Coombs make this an interesting read for anyone interested in how web services and open data are changing the nature of web development for libraries.

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