Librarian Day in the Life, Day 5 (Round 4)

The fifth day in the life of the Head of Digital Access and Web Services at Montana State University Libraries. Based on tweets in chronological order.

  • 8:35am. AM check of email & twitter. My annual review is today at 2:30pm. Should be a good conversation with the deans. #libday4
  • 9:15am. Filling out monthly summary leave reports. Have a block of time before annual review. Need to stay in office & close door. #libday4
  • 10:58am. Email faculty re: feedback on tenure document revisions due noon on Mon. Reading draft of 3-5 year strategic plan for lib. #libday4
  • 11:09am. Quick visit w/team member re: moving architectural drawings app into production. Performing code audit and moving it up. #libday4
  • 1pm. Heading to lunch. Answered a quick Infotoday #cil2010 email re: javascript workshop. #libday4
  • 2:17pm. Excited by opps for DAWS team in strategic plan. Digitization, archiving, web services… Heading to annual review. #libday4
  • 3:30pm. Good review. Now meeting w/range science faculty re: U of Idaho participation in MSU range science DB. #libday4
  • 4:50pm. Joy 2 meet faculty that geeks out over pictures of grass you digitized. Collab w/U of Idaho looks promising. Weekend. End #libday4.

Ahh, the fifth and final installment… LibraryWeekintheLife… It was a Friday which is usually an open day for me. Time to think about week, start on some projects, prepare for next week. It also a day where some admin duties get finished. The morning was mostly about taking advantage of some free time to talk to team members, audit some code before making it live, and preparing for my annual review. The review was a good conversation about where my work is heading and how the team can help the library in the next year. Nice surprise at the end of the day as a range science professor was giddy to see some of the Hormay collection digital objects. It always helps to see someone genuinely excited about your work. There are times when you wonder who’s going to find this stuff valuable. More people do than you know… It also looks like there may be some funding for the range science project. Great to see as we did the initial metadata, DB and app design, and conversion pro bono. The theory was: if we show them something of value, we would be able to look for funding with next iteration. Worked out this time.


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