Librarian Day in the Life, Day 2 (round 4)

The second day in the life of the Head of Digital Access and Web Services at Montana State University Libraries. Based on tweets in chronological order.

9am team meeting. 10am MSU Extension Pub digitization meeting. Doing AM check on email. #libday4

11am Mtng w/instruction librarian to talk design & dev of mediaHub: . 11:30am weekly mtng w/Associate Dean. #libday4

12:37pm. Back fm lunch. Building interface for mentor/liaison app. Prepping for later mtng with colleague re: Openurl pres in Feb. #libday4

1:40pm. Google Waved initial questions for RangeLands West digital project. Looked at sample data for gotchas with data import. #libday4

2:35pm. Back from openURL presentation prep. Checking code demos: . Need demos for general API mashup topic. #libday4

2:41pm. Coffee break with team member. #libday4

3:45pm. Back fm Library Faculty Advisory committee. Elected new chair & set up mtngs to facilitate discussion btwn Deans & Faculty #libday4

4:04pm. PM email check. Checked Google docs for shared presentation. Making sure files on dev server for work later after FAM time. #lib4day

4:35pm Going home to the fam. Colleague stopped by to ask about best format for data import. Loaded ? .csv in spreadsheet? #libday4

9:02pm. Baby sleeps. Working on Google maps mashup for ed grant. Maps colleges + events in MT. #libday4

10:15pm. Final email check. Finished with grant work. Time to relax. End #libday4.

This was a day with most of my meetings for the week. I’ve been trying to work my schedule this way as it frees up those precious blocks of time later in the week. Blocks of time where I can actually get some programming projects started. I’m still trying to find the work/life balance and you can see my working from home after Piper is in bed. This is very routine. If anything, I was surprised at how much I was able to work between meetings. That doesn’t always happen.


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